Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fairy Tale Display Idea!

I went shopping the other day and bought myself a new pair of dress boots to replace a pair that I wore out last winter.  What does this have to do with the library??  Well, I was lazing in bed this morning and thought of Puss in Boots - maybe I could put a toy cat into my old boots and display him?  Then I thought, no, it would be funnier to have the boots on display with a little card that says, "Donated by Puss in Boots".  And my next thought was of somehow displaying a pea with a "On Loan from the Royal Collection".  Cheesy, but think of the fun I could have with it!  A picnic basket could be on loan from Red Riding Hood.  An old bucket and scrub brush from Cinderella.  The possibilities are endless!

On one wall of my library is the "Special Collections" shelves.  The top of them is where I am keeping the 5th & 6th grade level books right now.  I think because the shelves are about chin height on me (I'm 5'3") they would be good for displays that I don't want handled.  So where to go with the 5th & 6th grade books?  There is a single book shelf on the far side of the library that right now contains a collection of South Dakota related titles.  I think from the precise way it is arranged, they aren't circulating.  So, I'm thinking I'll pull them from that shelf - but will scan them into my circulation program's list builder to make them easier to find next time I need SD titles - and use that shelf for the higher level books.  I know younger kids read that high of levels, my own daughter is starting 4th grade next year and her reading level is 4.8-6.6 (fourth year, eighth month to sixth year, sixth month), so I want the books accessible but not necessarily in my main collection.  As I've mentioned before, these books will eventually be moving to the new intermediate school.

I've been doing a lot of Internet searches and Pinterest searches to come up with display ideas.  Here are some of my favorites.
I found the idea of color based displays at .  This post includes cute sayings for each color like, "It's Not Easy Being Green" and "Orange You Glad You Read Good Books?"

 I love this FOUND flyer!  I think hanging these flyers in a few places around the school would be a great tie-in with a dinosaur themed display.  The display could include models, toys, stuffed animals, fossil collections and of course books.
These doors are designed for your garden, but how cute would these be tucked into corners or on the ends of shelves?  Simple signs could have the names of your Shelf Elves who help you with keeping the library neat.  I wonder what would be the best way to make these?  I think my husband's wood working skills may be required.
I found this simple idea for Magnetic Poetry at  I have a poetry set that we enjoyed for a few months at the public library (you'd be surprised what silly things "grown up" librarians can come up with).  I would love to have a place in the school library where the kids could build little poems or funny sentences.  I wonder if a small whiteboard would work.  Then I could keep it at my desk and monitor it. 

I have all of these ideas and more pinned on my Library Ideas board on Pinterest.

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