Saturday, June 1, 2013

I've found a new resource!

I found a really great resource called Teacher LibarianNing.  It looks like a good place to talk with other librarians about what they are doing in their libraries.  I am not a teacher-librarian, I am a para-professional, but I still think this site has a lot to offer me, and hopefully to others.  I filled out all the forms to request membership, so I hope to hear back soon saying I can post in their forums.  I have so many questions!

I am hoping that others who are in positions like mine, who aren't really sure what they are doing, can use my blog and the other resources I list to learn and grow as school librarians.  I have used blogs to reach out in other areas I have interests in: Girl Scouts and digital scrapbooking & design, specifically.

I also found a really great bio page on a school librarian in CA.  You can find that link here. This librarian just seems fun and I'm betting a bit unconventional.  I wrote her an email and I hope she'll respond.  I'd love to gather insights from others who are para-professionals as opposed to teacher librarians.

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